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Phases of Gravity

London: Headline Book Publishing PLC, [1990] 282p.

UK trade hardback edition. Bound in black boards. Spine reads in gold DAN\SIMMONS, PHASES OF GRAVITY, with the Headline emblem at the base of the spine. DJ features artwork of an individual in red standing on a rock with lighting emenating from their hand and a large moon in the background by an unknown artist. Photo on back cover by Karen Simmons. Front flap has story synopsis and back flap has several blurbs. Originally published at 13.95 Pds.

Comment: This book was only published in hard back form in the United Kingdom. The United States edition has only been published in paperback format. Yet once again Simmons shows his wide ranging skills in a look at the life of an astronaut following his walk on the moon. A fascinating look at the internal working of emotions and beliefs.