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A Dan Simmons Bibliography


I began collecting the work of Dan Simmons in approximately 1993. While visiting a local bookstore I found myself in the position of being being in a rush to leave in order to not be late for work. Since the owner of the store was a very kind individual who I knew was struggling with his bookstore, I always tried to pick up at least one volume whenever I visited. After quickly perusing the selections, I decided to just grab the fist book that looked interesting in order to get to work on time. The book I ended up purchasing was "Hyperion" by Simmons and I have been hooked on his writing ever since then. If you are interested in only certain genres of fiction, then Dan Simmons has in all likelihood published an excellent example of writing for that area. However, one thing I enjoy most about Dan Simmons works are the variability in themes, topics and genres.


Shawn Henessee

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In order to share information with other collectors and to discuss with them the works of Dan Simmons, I decided to put this web page together. Almost all United States and United Kingdom 1st editions are represented. Additionally, I have gathered most of the limited editions and proofs for Dan Simmons titles in both the US and UK. Many of the pages are somewhat graphic intense, so they may take some time to download. Please note: this page is going to be under continual modification and upgrading. If you notice any errors or would like to provide me with additional information feel free to E-mail me at the link above.


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  Song of Kali

Carrion Comfort

Phases of Gravity


Fall of Hyperion

  Prayers to Broken Stones

Summer of Night

Children of the Night

 Hollow Man

  Love Death

 Fires of Eden


Rise of Endymion

The Crook Factory

Darwin's Blade


 A Winter Haunting

Worlds Enough and Time

Hard Freeze



  Other Editions

  Magazine Articles, Etc.


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