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Song of Kali

London: Headline Book Publishing PLC, [1987] 311p.

Bound in red boards with all gold lettering on the spine reading "Dan\Simmons SONG OF KALI" and with Headline mark at bottom of an angled "H" with a square around it. Book measures 4 ½ by almost 7 ½. States "First published in Great Britain in 1987" on title page at top. Original price 10.95 Pds. DJ front consists of art of Kali holding a head that was painted by Dewey Franklin. DJ reproduces wider angle copy of photo of Dan from the American edition on the back.

  • US Proof
  • US Edition
  • Other Editions
  • French Edition
  • Entrance

  • Comment: The UK editions are often printed on cheap paper that often darkens quite early.