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My Rankings

From Favorite to Least Favorite

Note: Even my least favorite Simmons work is still a worthwhile read. Please remeber that this "ranking" is relative solely to the other works that Dan has produced and are strongly infleuenced by my own preferences and biases. There are no books by Dan that I cannot strongly endorse as a wothwhile read.

1. "Hyperion"

2. "Carrion Comfort"

3. "The Fall of Hyperion"

4. "Summer of Night"

5. "The Rise of Endymion"

6. "Phases of Gravity"

7. "The Hollow Man"

8. "The Crook Factory"

9. "Endymion"

10. "Crook Factory"

11. "Lovedeath"

12. "The Fires of Eden"

13. "Hardcase"

14. "A Winter Hanting"

15. "Darwins Blade"

16. "Prayers to Broken Stones"

17. "Children of the Night"

18. "Song of Kali"